Google Search COnsole Was Never This Fun In WordPress!

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All your Google Search Console analytics data in WordPress

Google Search Console in WordPress
Search Console analytics data inside WordPress

Check your statistics in a beautiful user-friendly dashboard.

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How does it work?

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  • Easy install
  • Visualize Clicks, Positions, CTR, Impressions
  • Multiple filters (check by page, country or device)
  • Custom dates
  • Until 18 months of data
  • Beautiful dashboard

With this plugin you can have access to all Google Search Console analytics data inside your WordPress site.

With this module you can have access to all Google Search Console analytics data inside your ecommerce and access to useful data as keyword positionsnumber of clicksclick through rate and impressions from last 16 months of data.

Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster tools, give you access to useful data such as keyword positionsnumber of clicksclick through rateand impressions.

You can choose custom date to perform your data analysis and you will have access to last 16 months of data.
You can learn how your site is viewed on Google Search and by users:
  • You can see which queries your site was displayed in search results.
  • You can know if some queries have driven more traffic than others to your site.
  • You can find out the traffic by country
  • You can find out the traffic by device
  • You can find out what is your site position based on different keywords


  • Beautiful dashboard
  • Custom date
  • Column sorting
  • Nice search box
  • Full data in an usable responsive table
  • Multiple filters
  • Data pagination

Check your site performance on a daily basis.
Save 5 minutes a day. Everyday!